The Distorted Jesus in the New Testament

The Distorted Jesus in the New Testament 1

The Islamic version of Jesus the son of Mary (peace be upon him) is the true and correct Jesus, as the whole world should believe. The Jews regard Jesus as a false prophet, Christians over-praise him as the “Son of God”, yet the Islamic version of Jesus(P) lies between these two extremes and remains absolutely true to the nature of Jesus, upon whom be peace. Muslims believe that Jesus(P) was a Prophet and Messenger of God, the Christ, but he was not God-incarnate.

Here is what the New Testament says about Jesus:

(1) Jesus was a bisexual (Rev. 1:13)
(2) Jesus was a racist (Mk 7:27)
(3) Jesus was a child-killer (Rev. 2:23)
(4) Jesus murdered his enemies (Lk. 19:27)
(5) Jesus ordered the killing of apostates (John. 15:50-7)
(6) Jesus deliberately taught in parables so nobody can understand him (John. 16:25)
(7) Jesus used offensive nicknames (Matt. 23:17, Lk 11:40)
(8) Jesus was a repentant sinner (Matt. 3:13, Mk 1:4)
(9) Jesus ignored a Gentile woman (Matt. 15:23-25)
(10) Jesus upheld the Law (Matt. 5:17-20, 23:23), so why did he break the Sabbath?

The Gospels disparages the true character of Jesus and distort his image. We are told that Jesus was the “Prince of Peace” and “taught love”. But why did Jesus kill innocent children? Why did Jesus heal a blind man (John 9:14-18), a crippled man (Mark 3:2-4) but refuse a Gentile woman? Why did Jesus drink the poisoned vinegar? Why did Jesus tell false prophecies?

All of these questions are problems for Christians to solve, not for Muslims. The Distorted Jesus in the New Testament 2

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